Any sponsorship or fundraising efforts to contribute to conference costs would be extremely welcome. Please contact info@ausdocc.org.au if you can help.

We have tried to keep costs to a minimum and hope to have some successful fundraising to raise another $30,000 to make up the shortfall. Fundraising is used for conference costs. All AusDoCC Committee of Management members plan and conduct the conference and as volunteers we have always paid full fees to attend as we also know the enormous extra costs involved. Hopefully some people may be able to access NDIS funding to assist with conference attendance. It is enhancing social access and participation and also providing training for carers and those with a DCC.  There may be other means of supported funding to explore also.

Connections 2019 conference aims:

  • to present a comprehensive, inclusive program of the most current science, best professional practice and first-hand lived experiences
  • to provide an opportunity for individuals with ACC, their families and professionals to make connections and share experiences in a supportive, enjoyable environment
  • to provide an opportunity to advance knowledge about corpus callosum disorders
  • to provide both a family and individually focused program, building capacity to access management, supports and inclusion
  • to have positive and practical impacts for everyone associated with ACC
  • to bring together researchers, clinicians, service providers, supports and community members to build networks
  • for all attendees to gain a greater understanding of the corpus callosum and the causes, impacts and management of ACC