Adults with ACC

Are you an adult with a disorder of the corpus callosum (DCC)?

Connections 2019, provides an opportunity for adults with DCC to become involved in a designated series of workshops, discussions and skills training sessions specifically tailored to your support and skill building needs. Connections 2019  provides a unique opportunity for social engagement and adventure activities in a safe environment. Adults with DCC will have access to a great venue and  to all the global leaders in  research and practice, while also being part of the larger DCC family in a camp environment in an amazing natural setting. Companion Cards are accepted for this conference.

Sessions will provide:

unique discussions exclusively for adults with a DCC

close access to key professionals in a small group situation

skill building, music and creative arts electives

workshops to develop skills for independence

social skills workshops to build capacity in areas such as relationships and social engagement

physical skill building activities

unique social engagement opportunities for meeting families and other adults with a DCC

*NDIS information – scroll down

Draft program for booklet version 3. (It usually ends up around v.10)

Please note that this program is an outline and it is subject to change at any time. Most of the adults’ session times will not alter greatly apart from additions and many more details to come. Sessions are mainly topics at this stage and some have been introduced in way that will fulfil NDIS requirements for funding.

NDIS information.

All adults with an NDIS package should be able to claim registration costs in relation to your goals and package. Conference activities will meet requirements in these areas and examples of wording follow:

    Community based assistance to access social and recreational activities
  • CAPACITY BUILDING SUPPORTS – skills development and training
    Increased social and community participation
    Improved relationships
    Improved health and wellbeing
    Improved daily living skills (many areas)

Discussion and presentation topics include:

Corpus callosum brain research with Professor Linda Richards (QBI, Brisbane)
Social aspects of ACC with Dr Lynn Paul (Caltech, California)
Genetics with A/Professor Paul Lockhart (MCRI, Melbourne)
Relationships and sexuality with Natasha Alexander (Brisbane)
NDIS & Advocacy with Samantha Connor (Perth)
Art therapies with Ana Palacios ( Perth)
and more to come.

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