Before AusDoCC

From Little Things Big Things Grow

ausdocc_beginningI just wanted to let you know a little bit about the history of AusDoCC.

After reading a small article in our local paper about a little girl called Abbey and her Mum, Natasha Hrabar, I decided to call her. I remember the article was about a little girl who had some huge challenges and needed a lot of therapy. Then the words ‘partial agenesis of the corpus callosum’ jumped off the page at me! Having two ACCers myself I immediately thought, “I need to talk to this woman!” Thankfully she didn’t think I was some kind of nut and became my Facebook friend.

From this I decided to start a Facebook group with our very first member being Natasha. It was originally Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum Australia, which slowly grew after I searched for Australian people off other Facebook sites.
Some of our first groupies included some of our committee members, Rebecca Walter and Maree Maxfield Kinniburgh as well as Mel Smith, Kylie Sallis and Dingo and Tristelles Pack.

We shared stories and swapped info about our kids. Then we had a mother-to-be join, who was frantic for answers about her unborn baby. This was the lovely Pieta Harris. Pieta had a vision for the group and from this our committee was formed and AusDoCC was created.
We started from very humble beginnings to websites, YouTube accounts and talk of ambassadors. I find this amazing!
Kristina Coburn – Perth