• Keynote presentations from global leaders
  • Panels and breakout groups with invited presenters
  • Adults with DCC program - workshops, presentations and discussions
  • Adults with DCC elective groups, panels and collaborative skills training
  • Kids Clubs for 3-teens.
  • Accommodation choices from single to 5 person rooms
  • All food, conference sessions, entertainment, activities and accommodation included in registration fee
  • Individual appointments with leading professionals
  • All abilities adventure activities
  • Social activities
  • This is an alcohol-free event in compliance with venue regulations
  • Access excellent information, challenges, fun and entertainment in the one venue at the one time
  • Together we can make AusDoCC ROAR for Recognition, Opportunities, Access and Resources
  • Please see draft program below. This is subject to change at any time. 

NOTES: TBC = To be confirmed
Still to add - professional one-one appointment times,
Program subject to change at any time
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